Little Bear Gelato - Founder Spotlight

Oct 29, 2021Chris Lerohl

Uproot Vendor Spotlight

Our newest Vendor Spotlight is here! This time we are featuring the story behind Little Bear Gelato's founder Franck. Little Bear Gelato has been our vendor since the very start of our store. Franck really enjoys working with us as we have the same roots: we started at farmer's market and we know how hard it is to go to the next step. In fact, Franck and his team just moved into our facility to produce his gelato! Uproot is excited to provide scale-up support to Little Bear Gelato to reduce the traditional operational and market barriers.

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Image of Oreo Cream Gelato Puck

Oreo Cream Gelato Puck

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Image of Hazelnut Piémont Gelato

Hazelnut Piémont Gelato

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Image of Pumpkin Spice Gelato

Pumpkin Spice Gelato

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What Inspired Little Bear Gelato?

Franck longed to make gelato and sorbet during his time in France - where he was born - as a pastry chef. Made with 60-70% fruit, nuts, and other amazing flavours, his small batch gelato and sorbet are smooth and rich, with a tremendous clarity of flavour and very little air, all handmade and hand packed. Our customers have been raving about these seriously addictive gelato and sorbet. If you haven't tried them, what are you waiting for?!


What Makes Little Bear Gelato Unique

Franck's Gelato brings authentic European flavours to Canada using the same recipe he used in France. His gelato is creamy and flavourful, low in fat and sugar and made with quality milk and cream. And his vegan sorbet has as much fruit as possible inside with no preservative or food colouring. The first ingredient is fruit. It's like eating a frozen fruit.

The most popular are Belgian Chocolate Gelato, Sour Cherry Gelato and Mango Passion fruit Sorbet. Franck's favourite is his Black Forest Gelato! (And did you know we have the FULL lineup of Little Bear Gelato?!)

Image of Sour Cherry Gelato

Sour Cherry Gelato


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Image of Limited Edition - Black Forest Gelato

Limited Edition - Black Forest Gelato


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Image of Belgian Chocolate Gelato

Belgian Chocolate Gelato


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Image of Mango Passionfruit Sorbet

Mango Passionfruit Sorbet


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What's Next

Franck wants to keep growing his business, keep it artisanal, and a family business. He is passionate about creating new flavours and new product. He is starting to make Gelato and Sorbet cake with gluten free options too. He's really glad how they turn out and really exciting to see your reaction! (We've tried them and we can confirm they are amazing!)


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