South Island Pie - Founder Spotlight

Oct 12, 2021Chris Lerohl

Uproot Founder Spotlight

We are very excited to launch our first Uproot Founder Spotlight. We are featuring one of our founders, South Island Pie's, Jamie Scott! South Island Pie and Honest Dumplings merged their businesses in 2018 and started the journey to building Uproot. Together in one space, we can make more food people love and reach a broader audience!

Q: If you could tell yourself one thing before you started your business now, what would it be?

A: It's crazy to think about, we're in our 9th year of business. It's definitely something to be proud of! Before I started South Island Pie, I thought to myself, "if I don't start this company, I'm going to retire a grumpy old man." This feeling still rings true to this day. I'd tell myself to do it. It's going to be a lot of hard work and sleepless nights but you'll regret it if you don't do it.

It seems like a big deal to pull the trigger and get going, but it's really not. You can make your products out of your home kitchen every day after work and Sundays, you'll blow your oven up 3 times in the first year, sell at the farmers market on Saturdays, all while working a full-time job. You do this for a few years to see if it's a viable option. If you decide it is, that's when shit gets real!

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Image of Limited Edition - Roast Turkey Pie

Limited Edition - Roast Turkey Pie

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Image of South Island Pie Bundle (Carnivore)

South Island Pie Bundle (Carnivore)

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Image of Scarfie Pie - Steak, Cheese, & Ale

Scarfie Pie - Steak, Cheese, & Ale

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Q: What's the most popular pie? What's your favourite?

A: The top pie on any given day is the Wilkie, Arvo or the Chook. The vegetarian Greek pie is also very popular. We created a few veg options as we know more and more people are choosing to eat more plant based food. We wanted to provide an option for them.

My go to is the Wilkie. It is one of the classic pies back home: steak & cheese. Our version is full of tender chunky beef and flavourful aged cheddar cheese. For future flavours, I am really excited about our new smoker attachment for our oven. I'm looking forward to trying smoking or braising some beef and getting that into a pie!

Image of Chook Pie - Chicken, Cranberry & Camembert

Chook Pie - Chicken, Cranberry & Camembert

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Image of Arvo Pie - Steak & Mushroom

Arvo Pie - Steak & Mushroom

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Image of Wilkie Pie - Steak & Cheese

Wilkie Pie - Steak & Cheese

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Image of Greek Pie - Spinach, Feta & Ricotta Cheese

Greek Pie - Spinach, Feta & Ricotta Cheese

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Q: What is your dream with South Island Pie? What's your future plans?

A: I started South Island Pie to give myself a taste of home. The kind of comfort food that brings memories of home. I have since met so many customers, Kiwi or not, who fell in love with my pies as much as I do. My dream has turned into wanting every Canadian to have tried our pies and to know our pies are sooooo much better than a pot pie! I also dream of exporting SIP pies all over the world including NZ! Future plans also include a full sausage roll lineup as well as a fruit pie lineup!

Q: Any unforgettable moments since you started your own business?

A: I remember doing a Saturday market inside City Hall in the middle of winter, it was very cold out, too cold for the old pie van. The damn thing wouldn't start. So I had to push the freezer down 104th ave to a mates place on 104 ST in the snow and -30 degrees out. That's one day I'll never forget!!!

Q: Can you share the most touching heartfelt message you got from a pie lover?

A: I've got so many to share but this is the first one I got and has meant the most to me. It's also from the fella that did the voice over for the SIP video!

"When I was home last, I had a pie every single day. Most days, I had two. I was home for six weeks - that's a lot of pies. But, I never once got sick of them. My love for a Kiwi pie only grew. Now, I hate Canada for not giving me the pies that I need. And then you came along. Jamie, I've never met, and it's hard for a Kiwi bloke to say this to another Kiwi bloke, but ... I think I love you. And your pies (not that I've tasted one, but I just know I will).So, how do I get my hands on these pies? I can not wait until the August 17 2013 market. I'm from New Zealand. I need a pie. Help me, please."


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