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Jun 10, 2021Chris Lerohl

Uproot Vendor Spotlight

As part of Uproot's visions and values, we work with our team members who are inspired to make their own products and bring their ideas to market. Brett is the first entrepreneur to make that happen!

We all fell in love with his unique borscht after tasting it. Brett has been making Doukhobor Borscht since 2015. It has expanded his ideas of how to make simple ingredients into something unique and flavourful. We have many repeat customers who come in craving Brett's soup!

Honest Food Inspired By True Entrepreneurs

Brett's Uproot Story

Living with the owner of Natural Kitchen Delights (Orrey Metz), I saw his company started from the ground up. Countless hours in the kitchen making chocolates only to spend your weekends at farmers markets, he was creating a life of his own. I, on the other hand, just worked to pay my bills and hobbies. Witnessing his drive inspired me to do more and try something out of my comfort zone.

I was later introduced to Chris and Ray (founders of Honest Dumplings) and Jamie (South Island Pies). Shortly after that their companies merged and Uproot Food Collective was created. A job opening with Uproot was available last summer and I snatched it up as quick as I could.

Being part of this opportunity I was inspired to start selling a product of my own. With the help and direction of everyone involved I was able to start up my own company: Baba's Borscht. Making borscht has always been a joy in my life but I never expected to have it available in a store front for everyone to enjoy."

What Makes Baba's Borscht Unique?
Baba's Borscht is a unique soup that really stands out. Unlike other borscht that are heavily beet based or contain meat, Doukhobor borscht is vegetarian and served warm. A combination of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, onion and a single beet make this borscht much heartier and healthier than others. Only one beet is used per batch and even it is discarded in the final process of making the soup!
What Inspired
Baba's Borscht?
Growing up, borscht was a large part of Brett's life and something only available when he would visit his Baba in Castlegar, BC. Taking home jars of borscht for later meals was such a treat and always made you feel good, full and healthy. Future plans are to improve packaging, make larger portions available for sale and have Baba's Borscht available nationwide!

How is Baba's Borscht Made?

Although the ingredients are very simple, making Baba's Borscht is rather complex. First step is to make the stock with potatoes, carrot and one beet with lots of water and a little cream. After the potatoes are soft, they are removed and mashed with butter and cream.

Then sautéed onions, tomatoes, cabbage are added to the soup with more potatoes and cabbage. At home this dish takes all four burners to create! The mixture cooks together until the last two key ingredients are added: green pepper and dill.

Image of Doukhobor Borscht

Doukhobor Borscht


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Image of Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup


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What's Next

Brett's next products in the works are Lapsha and other soups (possibly a carnivore option). Lapsha is as much a staple to Doukhobor cuisine as is borscht! Made up of flour and egg, this simple nutritious noodle makes for a quick meal that is easily storable and shelf stable. "For a bedtime snack, Baba would make us lapsha with butter and Vege salt. Very simple, delicious and heartwarming."

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