Gluten Friendly

We are always excited to carry the best new products we can find and to present as many options as possible to all of our customers. Creating a gluten friendly collection is a small convenience that highlights the best items for those to whom gluten sensitivities are an important part of their purchasing decisions. Take a look below to find out what we have!

Uproot has opted to use the term "gluten friendly" for the various products we carry that may be appropriate for gluten-sensitive diets. The term is for products that have no gluten ingredients and are intentionally prepared without gluten. These products may, however, be prepared in facilities where gluten is used in other foods, thus there is the risk of cross-contamination through indirect contact with gluten during production. Gluten friendly is not a legally or technically defined term but indicates a good-faith effort to identify products suitable for gluten-sensitive diets. 

By contrast, "gluten-free" is both a technically and legally defined term that indicates zero or minimal level of gluten in the product. 

Since Uproot's vendors are often smaller start-up companies, these producers are developing their processes, refining their recipes and ingredient lists, and often operate in shared kitchens. This makes the statement of completely gluten-free challenging. 

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