Nomiya’s mission for ramen is to provide simple, flavourful ramen that folks in Edmonton will enjoy. Their head chef, Jeff Chan, started his culinary career in 1971, specializing in Asian cuisine – specifically, the labour-intensive art of Dim Sum. Chef Chan moved to Canada in 1988 with his family, including his wife, Kin; daughter, Wing; and son, Tony. He proceeded to open several successful Asian restaurants, including Nomiya!

After an eye-opening visit to Japan, the Chan Family’s wish was to bring traditional ramen to the City of Edmonton, opening the first Nomiya in 2011. Managed by Wing, Nomiya’s ramen process utilizes all of the techniques and components of a traditional ramen. Their homemade broth, Chef Chan’s special recipe, is a labour of love 45 years in the making; preparing each batch takes another 8 hours.

Whether you are enjoying the perfectly salted flavour of the Shio Ramen or the peanut flavour punch of the Tan Tan, each ramen is created with sauces unique to Nomiya. Nomiya’s ramen is always finished with the ideal amount of char su , fixings and noodles to complete the package.

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