Pansawan means “Dry Meat” in the Cree language. It is the lifeblood that fueled Indigenous warriors, hunters and gatherers throughout history.

Traditionally, the meat was obtained after a successful hunt and then carefully smoked for many hours. This method of preparation dehydrates the meat, leaving you with a nutrient-rich product. We’re honored to have received the stamp of approval from our respected local Elders, meaning that they vouch for the authenticity of our taste, quality and production.

Pansawan is dedicated to preserving, restoring and sharing North American Indigenous delicacies passed down by our Elders. Whether you are looking to experience a piece of North American history, or you just need a high quality snack that checks off all the boxes, we hope you enjoy Pansawan as much as we do.

We thank you for supporting a First Nations owned and operated business


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