People's Perogy Co.

The People’s Perogy was founded in 2015 by Luke and Eva, mother and son duo with a love for traditional Eastern European food. Perogies have always been an important staple in their family and culture.  They grew their passion for bringing quality, wholesome food to family and friends into a thriving restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta. Everybody's favourite was always mom’s perogies, which are delicately crafted potato filled dumplings. People loved their homemade perogies so much, they decided to take that same 80-year-old family recipe, and bring their perogies to market for all to enjoy. Proudly bringing homemade perogies to the people of Alberta with love.

We came up with the name The People’s Perogy because people have always been at the heart of our passion for great food. We see food as an opportunity for families and friends to come together and connect over a great meal.

We hand select every ingredient that goes into our recipes, using only the freshest ingredients available. We exclusively use potatoes directly from local Alberta farmers, hand cut fresh herbs and vegetables and use real Canadian cheeses. All of which are used to handcraft our perogies in extremely small batches, ensuring the highest quality product. 

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