Real Treat

Jacqueline Day, founder and CEO of Real Treat entered the business for two reasons: First, she loves cookies! She's been making them since she could reach a countertop. Initially alongside her grandmothers, and now with her own kiddo.

Second, she has long supported organic products. Having a daughter solidified her values around sustainability just that much more. It’s important to her to offer clean food to her family that supports their health and the health of the planet. But here’s the thing… Food should be fun! Food should bring joy! And there is nothing that brings her more joy than bringing a smile to people's faces by making and sharing delicious food.

Their mission at Real Treat is to make organic cookies that are indulgent and delicious.  They achieve that by using top quality organic ingredients like Italian dark chocolate, fat juicy raisins, fresh spices, fresh lemons and fresh butter, lots of it! They even smoke their own pecans in house with applewood. 

Their Top Shelf line is a collection of gourmet cookies in unique flavours. They call it Top Shelf because that’s where the cookies live. These are the special treat to enjoy at the end of a long day, and they're wonderful for entertaining.

The Pantry line was created for people who crave the traditional favourites. They're a delicious organic treat you can share with your kids without them wrinkling their noses at them.

Real Treat has won both a Gold SOFI Award and the NEXTy Award, validating Jacqueline's mission to make organic cookies that satisfy and bring joy. She can’t wait to share them with all of you!

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