Sweet Stix

We will always keep our ice pops simple and natural. We will always provide you with locally produced vibrant, great tasting frozen treats, without the preservatives, fillers, additives, colourants and multiple sugars that so many other frozen treats can have. Most of our ice pops have only 5 to 6 ingredients. Many are fruit based and we use essentially everything but the peel/rind. So all the fruit goes into the ice pop, with all the fibre and natural fruity goodness. Our aim is to help you solve the challenge of finding great tasting food for yourself and your family.. In fact, just one of our 3oz fruit based ice pops can almost completely provide an entire daily recommended fruit serving, meaning these treats need not be reserved only for special occasions

We are proud of the ingredients we use and guarantee you’ll be able to pronounce every one of them! Many will already be familiar to you, others may be new. For all of them, invite you to join us on the journey from farm to stick as we highlight the wonderful natural ingredients, where they come from, who grows them and how they end up on your ice pop stick.

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