Thai Manna

It all started in Thailand - as any story that ends in Thai curry should. Like many who travel to Thailand and Southeast Asia, Michelle Chick, founder of Thai Manna, was blown away by the food. From roadside food stalls to bustling night markets, every dish she tasted came alive with spices and aroma. She returned home with more than a few stamps on her passport and a passion for Thai cuisine.

She started sharing her passion by cooking Thai food in her own kitchen and inviting loved ones over to share the meal. She then transitioned into making little kits which included all the ingredients needed for a Thai dish and giving them as gifts to her friends and family. She wanted them to share in the joy of working with Thai flavours in their own kitchens—without the overwhelming task of finding exotic ingredients and recipes.

As time went on, this gift idea turned into a viable business plan. Her vision to share authentic, fresh and delicious Thai dishes with those around her expanded. Today she owns Thai Manna and sells her signature Thai Curry Kits online and in multiple retail locations throughout Calgary and across Alberta.

The Thai Curry Kits include everything you need to make a restaurant-quality, fresh authentic Thai Curry at home in 20 minutes, simply add your own meat and/or vegetable. The pastes are made very mild, though you have the option to make them spicy by adding the chilies that are included in your Kit. 

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