TM Spice Co.

Over 40 years ago our grandfather (father) created the original spice as a side business and as a hobby well working full time in the oilfield to support his family. His spices were very well loved and well known in the industry, used as promotional and advertising for large and small oil and gas companies. You could also find his spices in local BBQs, golf tournaments and other events. As the years went on and he got older he required help to fulfill the orders. Myself, my brother and my mom can recall countless hours spent with my grandfather helping to label, fill and prepare orders to keep his love of spice alive. Last year January 2020 my grandfather decided that he was to old to continue on with the business , and with sadness stated that he would have to give it up. We could not live to see it go, we knew there was something very special in this spice, so he gave it to us. We spent all of 2020 completely rebranding, and revitalizing TM Spice Co. We modernized the labels, the brochures and the brand itself, also bring four more spices into the family. November 2020 we officially launched as the new and improved TM Spice Co. Watching our grandfather see our success and the love for the spices span across Canada and into the United States is something I will never forget.