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The Curryer - Butter Chicken Sauce (Authentic Pakistani Style)

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The Story:
"When you think of butter chicken, you probably imagine the Indian delicacy that has gained worldwide popularity. When Pakistan became a country in the 1947, it diverged from India in many aspects of food, religion and culture, eventually creating a version of butter chicken that is less sweet and more savoury than its Indian counterpart. The Curryer Pakistani Kitchen celebrates these differences and is inspired by them. In the words of co-owner, Cameron, “It represents the long journey of immigrants, against all odds, making something we can all sit together at the same table and enjoy, despite religious, political or cultural differences.” - written by Kendall Bistretzan, Made In Alberta 2022
The Product:
The king of curries, done right! Our butter chicken sauce is made in small batches with the perfect mix of spice, sweet and savory. Just thaw, heat with cooked marinated chicken or fried paneer, and serve with rice and/or naan. Our sauce is gluten-free, preservative & stabilizer free, and Halal! Best enjoyed with good company.
Ingredients: Tomato, red onion, cream, butter, cashew, green cardamom, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, red chilli, black pepper, bay leaf, salt

Allergens: Dairy, Tree nuts (cashew)

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