Cookie Crumbs

Japanese Cheesecake Waffle Pucks

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Find out what makes this Cookie Crumbs’ most popular flavour! Softer and less sweet than traditional cheesecake, this version of Japan’s two types of cheesecake has a complex and subtly tangy flavour with fresh lemon juice and bacterial culture. Surrounded by our famous, wholesome shortbread crust.
A unique dessert made just for us hockey-mad Canadians. Imagine your own personal pie made with a scrumptious shortbread crust and a wonderful handmade filling. We believe in better ingredients, using things like Alberta’s own unbleached organic flour that is not treated with chemical agents. Things like organic cane sugar that is so much healthier than the refined type that removes sugar’s natural nutrients. And like everything by Cookie Crumbs, handmade with love!