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Limited Edition - Jamaican Beef Patty Pie


Introducing Jamaican Beef pie, brought to you by our talented team member, Cooper. This aromatic, spiced, moist meat pie brings back one of his best food memories. Years ago, Cooper got some Jamaican Beef Patties on a hot summer night from a food truck on Jasper Ave. He couldn't resist the aroma of these scrumptious delights so he devoured them in the back seat of the cab on his way home. They were so addictively spicy, meaty, and wholesome, and seasoned differently than anything he'd had before. Finding that food truck was his happy ending to an already fun night. And that memory has stayed with him. So when he got the opportunity to make a spicy summer pie, the Jamaican beef patty was a clear and easy choice for him to share with everyone! It may be simple street food, but the beef patty satisfies those late-night cravings to beat the heat with, well, more heat.

When he tasted these Jamaican Beef pies, his forehead sweated tears of joy. The delicious melt-in-your-mouth filling and South Island Pie's flaky puff pastry is a match made in heaven. We can't wait for you to taste this pie as we all loved it when we tried it! 

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