Limited Edition - Nai Nai Mie Smokin' Shiitake Noodle Kit

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There’s nothing boring about this vegetarian noodle kit. Nai Nai Mie's handcrafted vegetarian noodles are the perfect base for a silky, smoky miso shiitake mushroom sauce and delicious tofu. This bowl of noodles is every bit as yummy as it is healthy. Every Smokin Shiitake noodle kit comes with: Nai Nai Mie vegetarian noodles - Shiitake mushrooms, tofu and sweet peas in a smoked butter miso sauce - crunchy fried onions

    How to make your Nai Nai Mie noodle kit

    Cook noodles in boiling water until noodles are still a little firm – al dente. Warm up the mushroom chicken sauce and veggies in the microwave for a just few seconds (not too long). Once your noodles are cooked, drain the noodles and put them in a bowl. Mix in the garlic oil and sauce thoroughly. Add the veggies and crunchies and you’re ready to enjoy your super yummy Smokin' Shiitake noodles.

    Ingredients:  Noodles: wheat flour, water, salt, eggs, sodium carbonate, fried garlic, vegetable oil; shiitake mushrooms, green onions, tapioca flour, kelp, kabocha squash, fried tofu, smoked tofu, peas, jackfruit, smoked butter, soy sauce, canola oil, mushroom powder; Fried onions. 

    Allergy notice: Contains wheat/gluten, eggs, shellfish, sesame and soy. Produced in a facility that uses tree nuts and peanuts. If you have any allergies or questions about our ingredients, please contact us.

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