The Lemon Square Mini Share Pack

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The Mini Share Pack contains 16 Mini pieces of The Lemon Square (equivalent to four full squares).

The Mini Share Pack is pre-cut inside and perfect for dinner parties or just watching Netflix. It also makes a lovely hostess gift.

The Lemon Square will keep fresh in the fridge for 4 weeks or just one week on the counter.


Ingredients: Icing sugar, Graham crumbs (enriched wheat flour, Brown sugar, Graham flour, Molasses, Vegetable oil shortening (canola, palm and modified pam oil), Whole wheat flour, Wheat Bran, Honey, Baking powder, Salt, Baking soda, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Butter, Evaporated milk (lactose), Coconut (sulphites), Fresh lemon juice and zest. May contain traces of nuts and egg. 

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