Nomiya - Miso Tonkotsu Ramen Kit (Serves Two)

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Our miso ramen is one of the most popular ramens at Nomiya!   In house-made, the awase miso is a special combination of various miso flavours to complement our hand-made ramen noodles.  

Known for their hand made ramen and in-house recipes, the folks at Nomiya wanted their customers to enjoy their signature Tonkotsu ramen at home. Each ramen kit is packed with their 8 hour Miso Tonkotsu broth, aburi buta kakuni (pork belly meat), ramen noodles, corn, shoyu marinated menma (bamboo), and naruto (small fish cake). Customers are encouraged to personalize their bowls at home with fresh green onions, bean sprouts, boiled eggs, and anything else they desire.

The ramen kit should be refrigerated immediately until cooked and be enjoyed within 2 days of purchasing