Opening Door Crasher

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The show must go on! To celebrate we have created a wonderful pack with some astonishing vendors. Sample most of the sale in one box! Hurry quick this bundle won't last long!

This pack includes: 

- Carnivore Variety Pack Dumplings (Honest Dumplings)

- Arvo Meat Pie (South Island Pie)

- Original Nude Raw Dark Chocolate (Natural Kitchen Delights)

- Chocolate Peanut Butter (Nude Market)

- Ricotta Dill Perogies (People's Perogy)

- Sour Cherry Gelato (Little Bear)

- Strolghino Salumi ( VDG Salumi)

- Coconut Take & Bake Cookies (Confetti Sweets)

- Salted Caramel (Caramunchies)