Panang Thai Curry Kit - Serves 2-3

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Kit will serve 2-3 hungry people

Our Kits include everything you need to make a restaurant-quality, fresh authentic Thai Curry at home in 20 minutes, you just add your own meat and/or vegetable. Our pastes are made very mild however, you have the option to make them spicy by adding the chilies that we’ve included in your Kit. Peanut lovers unite! A sweet, tart, and salty peanut curry. Our Panang Kit has been vying for the best seller spot since the beginning.

WHAT DO YOU NEED: Coconut Milk, Meat, Vegetable One can of coconut milk (we currently use Kosa but, recommend one with minimum ingredients on the label, it makes a difference) and any meat and any vegetable you would put in a stir fry is going to work great, we have everything else covered. Our recommendations for first-timers: Chicken, snap peas, red pepper broccoli, and zucchini (unless you hate those things). If you are going to do pork in one of our curries, this is the one! Small Kit: 2 Chicken Breasts and 1 cup of veggies.

WHATS IN THE BOX: Thai Manna’s Panang curry paste, lime leaves, chilies, fish sauce, palm sugar, peanut, tamarind juice, jasmine rice. 

PASTE INGREDIENTS: Onion, lemongrass, all-natural herbs and spices, garlic, galangal, shrimp paste, cilantro, orange zest, and red chilies.

STUFF TO KNOW: Gluten free. Dairy Free. Note that our kitchen is not certified for any of the above and though we are very careful, we cannot provide any guarantees for those with extreme allergies.

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