Rice Bowl Deluxe

Rice Bowl Deluxe - Macau Curry Beef Brisket Rice Bowl


This is the quintessential Hong Kong/Macau-style curry with beef brisket.

Special yellow curries are blended in-house to ensure a well balanced richly spiced dish with notes of deep savoury flavours that meld perfectly with the richness of the 4-hour stewed beef brisket served with jasmine rice.

From our experience, you will not find a curry this delicious short of visiting the Orient!

Heating instructions:

Please thaw the entire contents in the fridge. Pour curry on top of rice on a plate and heat in the microwave for 5 minutes and serve.

From frozen, Microwave curry for 5 minutes by itself and then place rice into the microwave, now microwave both stew and rice for another 3 minutes and serve.

Beef brisket, curry powder, turmeric, chili powder, lemongrass, sugar, salt, flour, garlic, ginger, spices, peanut oil, and jasmine rice.

Contains peanut oil, gluten.

Net weight 760g