Spanish Bee Pollen

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It is no secret that bee pollen is good for you. It contains nearly every vitamin and mineral necessary to sustain life, is a great source of protein, and boosts your immune system to name a few of it’s benefits. But how exactly can you use it?

• A spoonful on its own
• In smoothies
• Atop toast (avocado toast, unicorn toast,
PB&honey, etc.)
• In baking
• On ice cream
• Add to your favourite salads
• On smoothie bowls
• Topping for chocolate bark
• On oatmeal
• With yogurt and berries
• With fresh fruit (blueberries, avocado, banana,etc.)
• In a granola recipe
• Add to homemade granola bars
• Add to protein balls
• To top chia seed pudding