Confetti Sweets

Kathy Leskow was a stay-at-home mom looking for something to do. She didn’t know it would turn into a cookie empire.

She started off baking cookies in her kitchen and selling them at her local farmers’ market. But that wasn’t enough, so she expanded to a few more markets. Soon her oven couldn’t keep up with the new demand, so she bought a commercial oven. Before she knew it, Kathy was running a fully-functional, health board-certified bakery out of her basement, with a dozen staff, and stalls at farmers’ markets across the province.

It wasn’t long before the bakery moved again: Kathy secured a permanent home for Confetti Sweets, including a storefront - no longer any need to wait for market day to get a fix. 

Now you can make these terrific cookies at home, with pre-mixed ingredients or using her frozen Take 'n Bake dough. Every day is a great day for cookies!

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