South Island Pie Co.

Our meat pies are convenient, tasty, locally sourced and locally made right here in Edmonton. Try a taste of New Zealand today!

Originally from the south island of New Zealand, Jamie – the pie man himself – travelled to Canada on his first OE (overseas experience). From the day he left NZ, he longed for the comforts of a hot, savoury, traditional NZ meat pie. Once settled in Edmonton with his Canadian wife, he realized there were no down-under-style meat pies to be found.

It was time to put that famous kiwi ingenuity to use and create his own homemade meat pies. After years of making meat pies for friends and family and fine tuning his recipes, the South Island Pie Co. came to life. Jamie wanted to share a little piece of NZ and his love of savoury pies with the fine folks of Edmonton – and that’s how South Island Pie Co. began!

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South Island Pie Co.
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