Goodness Bombs

Goodness Bombs Inc. was created to make healthy snacking for families easier. Co-owner Jodie Tetz, a personal trainer and mom of 6, started making these healthy energy bites to replace unhealthy options for her children. One year after launching, Jodie was successful enough to quit her job and pursue her business full-time!

Although Jodie is super creative in kitchen, the business end was not her expertise. She reached out to Melissa Mah, CPA, a high school friend, Chartered Professional Accountant and entrepreneur, to see if she was interested in partnering up with her. A great partnership was born. Jodie takes care of the creative side, and Melissa takes care of the business side. They also both enjoy working in production. Within the first year of the partnership, their product line grew from freshly made energy bites to energy bite mixes, so consumers can make and customize their energy bites at home in as little as 5 minutes. 

They have so many more healthy, wholesome product ideas in the pipeline to come, including a swag line where a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping other women entrepreneurs in their business. Get the energy you need and the confidence of supporting a women owned business with Goodness Bombs Inc.!

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