Laid Back Snacks

Creating a more relaxed world, one snack at a time.

Before starting Laid Back Snacks (formerly Naked Snacks) I didn’t know what a walnut looked like. Sad story, but true.

I did know that my food choices were terrible. Snack time looked like dessert at a four year old’s birthday party. The sugar crashes and empty calories were doing nothing for my health and wellbeing.

The reason for my mindless munching? “Healthy food is boring and doesn’t taste good”. To make the switch I’d need products that were more than just healthy, they’d have to be delicious too.

It’s been a hugely rewarding and taste-bud-popping journey since then. Laid Back Snacks is about more than just our products. We’re about celebrating delicious food with friends and family, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and enjoying the small things – like that extra handful of Hearty Tamari.

And that’s us, in a nutshell. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to snacking with you soon!

- Neil and Ryley

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