Mamahan Pastries

Wanting to educate Edmonton locals as to the culture and history of Brunei and Malaysia, and desiring greater representation of her culture on the local scene, Sook Han thought that a good place to start would be sharing local foods from her family's homeland. She also wanted to share her love of the foods her mother, Mama Han, prepared for the family while she was growing up. Her mother would tell her stories about the family’s homeland while whipping up the authentic, traditional recipes.

Malaysian Curry Puffs are a staple of the street food scene in Malaysia and Brunei. They have a super flakey pastry that encases aromatically spiced meats such as beef (traditional) or chicken or a non-meat curry filling.  She has also created a Chinese style sweet BBQ pork puff in the same signature fluffy pastry shell. 

If you can't make it to Brunei or Malaysia any time soon, it may be worth starting your exploration by sampling some of the excellent food offered by Mamahan Pastries.

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