Moo's Protein Muffins

Moo's Protein Muffins were developed to answer the need for a healthier snack alternative. Healthy food fast is critical for folks who need a quick snack loaded with high-quality nutrients after a workout or simply to sustain an alert edge during a long morning or afternoon meeting. A terrific source of extra protein for the finicky kids, too. No empty calories here, just great taste and texture that your body will love and that you will love to feed it.

Long a staple for athletes and other healthy eaters, Moo's Protein Muffins have been a signature product for their company, MoosCanada. With the crazy pandemic changing the playing field for everybody, they pivoted their approach and launched a variation of their protein muffins in a baking mix format. Now you can whip these muffins up at home and get a healthy snack on.

The Protein Muffin Mixes come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Gluten Free Chocolate with more flavours to come. Each serving contains 20g of protein and is naturally sweetened with a blend of stevia and cane sugar for a lower calorie, lower sugar, high protein snack - a guilt free treat and healthy alternative. 

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