Mountain Rhino Gluten Free Artisan Foods

Steve's love of cooking ignited at an early age - the next thing that ignited was his mom’s kitchen. (Sorry Mom) Once the house was rebuilt and he was allowed to cook again, he went on to build his skills and (carefully) develop his love of cooking. 

Steve, co-founder of Mountain Rhino, met the love of his life, Ruth, the other co-founder, while he was working as an insurance broker. Although he enjoyed the challenges his career provided, the job didn’t allow for much creativity. Since Ruth also loves to cook and bake, they would often find ourselves creating beautiful meals together instead of going out.

Finally, they took a leap of faith and signed up for a farmers market, becoming weekend donut warriors. The leap paid off - people loved their donuts! That's when they knew they were on to something. Steve left the corporate world behind and became a baker. 

Steve and Ruth want their donuts to be an experience unto themselves, and they treat them as such. They are always talking about different inspirations that can be made into the next donut. Since they couldn’t just stop at donuts, they now have brownies, tarts, and the best cinnamon buns. They even offer vegan and dairy free in addition to the already gluten free, peanut & tree nut free goodies they already had.

They now have the honour of providing a product people can enjoy after years of not being able to. They have seen the impact and how it has brought a few tears to their customers' eyes.

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