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Ian Shaw has been immersed in the chocolate industry since 2004, gaining knowledge and experience along the way. Through his hard work and dedication, he has emerged as a leader in the craft chocolate industry, creating chocolate from scratch - from bean to bar. His passion for natural ingredients and simple flavours has allowed him to create a unique, high-quality chocolate that everyone can enjoy.

Ian's specialty is oat milk chocolate, a new and innovative alternative to traditional milk chocolate. It's dairy-free and allergy-friendly, produced with care at the ShawZ Chocolate factory in Calgary, AB.

Their products offer a multitude of benefits such as being free of dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, or GMOs and mostly organic with no artificial flavors or colors. Their bars and cups contain 50-75% less sugar than regular milk chocolate bars, making them a health-conscious and satisfying snack. All of their chocolates are carefully crafted by Roaster-Refiner-Chocolatier Ian Shaw in Calgary.

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