Canadians love nuts and nut butters. I learned this when I moved here from Turkey. I knew I could improve their experience by bringing some of the world's freshest and most flavourful nuts to these hungry Canadians.  Our line of hazelnut products is exclusive and the quality of the nuts and preparation is unique in Canada.

70% of the world's hazelnuts are grown in and around Ordu, Turkey, near the Black Sea.  Here the rich soils and favourable climate create excellent conditions for growing hazelnuts. Once harvested, the nuts remain in their shells to preserve the freshness, flavour and texture.

To prepare them for our customers, Tastia's hazelnuts are roasted for 30 minutes and hulled using a special airflow technology to create the perfect bite.  Using recipes from Turkey we combine these excellent nuts with highest quality ingredients to create creamy, smooth or crunchy nut butters and spreads. 

Our mission at Tastia is to give Canadians better and fresher nut products using healthy, high-quality ingredients. As entrepreneurs, we value creating connections and contributing to the local economy, culture, and community by providing premium-quality products. We pride ourselves on bringing people together and plan to expand our product line in the future to strengthen our ties with the local community.

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