True Buch Kombucha

Louisa and Conrad Ferrel, founders of True Büch Kombucha, know that improving your gut health can be a sustainable and delicious effort. They’ve been on the Kombucha path since Conrad discovered the rejuvenating power of the drink while journeying in Asia. Unable to locate any in Calgary upon his return, another journey started – brewing Kombucha at home and launching a local, community-minded business to distribute it.  

Since opening their business in 2014, they’ve worked on perfecting their recipes, using the best, freshest organic ingredients to brew their small batches. They’ve done this while keeping one eye on operations to ensure sustainable, locally focused and low-impact production as their distribution has grown nationally.

You can taste their passion in every bottle, and feel the renewal in your belly. Enjoy the flavour of the True Buch!


Ingredients: Raw kombucha (Filtered water, Cane sugar*, Green tea* Black tea*, Bacterial and yeast culture), Banilla, Cassia*, cardamom*, ginger*, Rooibos*, Honeybush*, Clove*, Fennel*, Star anise, Black pepper, Licorice Root*, Peppermint*.

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