Nobody has gotten grocery right yet.

Humans have about 200,000 years of eating practice.

Yet today’s grocery shelves are filled with food nobody really loves. But let’s cut ourselves some slack, humanity. Food and capitalism are doing a complex dance. Mass production makes cheap food that tastes like cheap food. Craft production makes food that’s delicious—but it costs half a paycheck and you can only get it for 3 hours a week at a farmers market across town.

Here’s our secret. Posted on the internet.

Together in one space, Uproot Food Collective companies can make more food people love and reach a broader audience. The business side is under one roof too—from bar-codes to marketing to nation-wide distribution. Talk about strength in numbers.

As our food collective grows, so does our power. But don’t worry, we’ll wield it wisely. We’re doing things like taking shelf space from food conglomerates. Giving consumers what they’ve been waiting for. Turning the whole industry on its head. No big deal.

Start small. GROW BIG.

No, even bigger.

Everyone loves a good origin story, right?

Uproot Food Collective started with three farmers market producers, Honest Dumplings, South Island Pie Co., and Natural Kitchen Delights. People loved their products. They were selling out every week. So what was the problem? Well, growth.

So the owners put their heads together—then joined together—and got more companies to join them. Now they’re sharing costs and selling to grocery stores under a single banner. People still love their products. Now it’s just a lot more people.