7 Must-Try Products Before Summer Ends

Aug 19, 2021Chris Lerohl

7 Must-Try Products Before Summer Ends

Before summer 2021 officially ends, there are plenty of unique and delicious food to try at Uproot, while at the same time supporting local businesses. And why not try something new to close out your summer with a pleasant surprise?

Frozen Cheesecake Bar

Are you ready for a life changing experience? A frozen cheesecake bar just might do it. These cheesecake bars are made with small batch handcrafted cheese and hand-dipped in Belgian dark chocolate. Once you have had one of these, you cannot go back. It is literally like eating frozen cheesecake covered in chocolate, heaven on a stick!


Small Batch Halal Beef Jerky

Take this protein-packed treat on your next hike! Twelve Cows is Canada’s first halal beef jerky brand created by two best friends in Edmonton in 2019, with two goals, to make the best damn jerky they could that even the pickiest carnivores can enjoy and show the Halal eaters of Canada that they care and they listen!


Handmade Gourmet Stuffed Potatoes

Made from scratch without any additives, these handmade gourmet stuffed potatoes are perfect for an easy and healthy side dish for your summer BBQ or camping trips. There's so much flavour in there from the fresh ingredients! The best part is: all the hard work is done. You can just sit back and relax!


Filipino Inspired Ice Cream

Yelo'd is a beloved ice cream shop in Edmonton where you can experience Filipino and Asian inspired flavours. Their signature ube flavour has been the only flavour that never leaves their rotation simply because it gives you all a taste of their home and adds a unique twist to all their other creations!

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Authentic Salami Pack

Ready to place on a platter and pour the vino! This VDG Salumi Grazing Pack is made with three summer flavoured salamis, that are perfect for whatever the day brings you. Park with the kids? Patio night? Outdoor fire? Proudly made with local Alberta free-range pork, quality gluten free ingredients with no fillers, and made in Calgary!⠀⠀⠀

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Organic Chicken Wings

Sunworks Farm has been a staple at the farmers markets for many years. All their animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, and are certified organic. Add your favourite marinade or BBQ sauce, throw these Sunworks Farm chicken wings on the grill and enjoy!

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Thoughtfully Crafted Mustard

Who knew that a spoonful of mustard to your salad dressing, marinade, sauce, sandwich or meat could add so much flavour?! No added artificial emulsifiers, thickeners or bulking agents, Smak Dab mustard is a flavour powerhouse that adds body, a zip of acidity, sweetness, texture, and umami to any dish. It’s even delicious straight from the spoon, and we don’t judge anyone for that!


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