Little Bear Gelato

Little Bear Gelato doesn’t compromise with taste. That is why the top and main ingredient of all of our product is what brings the flavor: the fruits, the nuts, the chocolate. Our secret for bold and memorable frozen dessert is first to curate the highest quality ingredients then to follow the traditional European savoir-faire.

It is during his training at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie, Alain Ducasse Formation, in France, that Chef Franck Bouilhol made this commitment to flavors.

More than techniques, he received there the long line of striving for excellence.
Chef Franck Bouihlol found a passion for creating unique combinations of flavors and texture that he has exercised and perfected in years of experience in France, Belgium and Canada.

In 2019, he starts Little Bear Gelato, an artisanal frozen dessert line born from intransigent dedication to flavor and love, inspired by his 2 year-old son he affectionately calls his “Little bear”.

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