The Big Buns Club

We serve freshly made specialty cinnamon buns weekly in Calgary and play around with fun seasonal flavours every month including savoury buns. Our frozen buns are perfect for customers who want to enjoy the smell and taste of fresh cinnamon buns in their own home! Our dough is made with almond milk and eggless dough.

Growing up making homemade cinnamon buns with either my mom or grandma was always a very special occasion that provided amazing bonding time, plus delicious warm gooey buns! During the early days of the lockdown in 2020, out of boredom I wanted to recreate that feeling and bake cinnamon buns for friends and family who I could only visit while social distancing. After hearing about how much everyone loved my take on my family’s recipe I would take any excuse to make fresh cinnamon buns for loved ones whether it was for a birthday or special event. After feeling like I mastered the Original Cinnamon Bun flavour I started to play around with other flavours, mainly ones that I created in my mind, playing with different icing flavours and toppings.  Besides providing super high quality buns, our branding is extremely important to us and we want to make everyone feel included in our ‘Club’!

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