Meet Michelle - Founder of Thai Manna

Sep 17, 2021Chris Lerohl


Uproot Vendor Spotlight

We are very excited to launch our Uproot Vendor Spotlight featuring Thai Manna's founder, Michelle's story! Thai Manna's unique curry kits have been one of our most popular Uproot products. They were named one of the "Top 25 Things to Eat in Calgary" by Avenue Magazine, on the cover of Routes Magazine and won Alberta Farmers Market Association award.


What Inspired Thai Manna?

It all started in Thailand. Michelle Chick, founder of Thai Manna, was blown away by the food. From roadside food stalls to bustling night markets, every dish she tasted came alive with spices and aroma. She came back to Calgary with a passion for Thai cuisine. She came up with the idea of making little makeshift dinner kits for her friends for Christmas. The feedback and gratitude were immeasurable.

Image of Panang Thai Curry Kit - Serves 2-3

Panang Thai Curry Kit - Serves 2-3


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Image of Large Green Thai Curry Kit - Serves 5-6

Large Green Thai Curry Kit - Serves 5-6


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Image of Red Thai Curry Kit - Serves 2-3

Red Thai Curry Kit - Serves 2-3


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Michelle's Journey

13 years ago food kits didn't exist. It took Michelle a long time to explain the kits at Farmers Markets. It was so important to her that she provided a real food dinner option for her customers. It means the world to her when her customers boast about what they've created with her kits, thank her for what she does and let her know how long they've been with Thai Manna!

What's Inside the Kits?

The Curry Kits include Michelle's homemade preservative-free curry paste and quality hard-to-find ingredients like palm sugar, fish sauce, bird’s eye chilies, and lime leaves. Each paste is made up of over a dozen whole ingredients that they peel, cut, chop, roast and blend in food processors. All you need is a kit, then you add your protein and veggies for a divinely fresh homemade Thai curry!

Our Uproot Customers Love Them!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"This is hand down one of the most delicious pre-packaged Thai curry kits we’ve ever had. I would definitely recommend this! It made our entire house smell amazing and we scarfed down this mouthwatering meal. We would buy this again."


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