Hi! My name's Alysia and I'm the owner of Caramunchies The Snacker's Snack! I started Caramunchies after 6 years working in finance and realizing that I wanted to pursue a career in something I was passionate about. My clients at the bank would assume I had a degree in business and kind of laugh when I’d tell them I had a degree in Food and Nutrition, which turned out to be super useful for what I do now!

I grew up in a big family that loves to cook and share meals together and a dad who’s been in the food industry in Edmonton since I can remember! My happiest memories are from family dinners at my grandma’s house where everyone would help cook together then we’d all sit at the round dining table to enjoy the homemade food together.

They’d always be loud dinners full of laughs and everyone talking over each other. Because of this, food has become my love language. Whenever there’s something to celebrate, I’ll invite people over for dinner or go out for a meal together. If someone’s not feeling well, I’ll bring them some goodies to cheer them up. I started Caramunchies to make snacks that satisfy and to bring this love of food to all those around me!

Photo Credit: @jinseimedia