Hung's Noodles

Our journey began just under 50 years ago with a young Chun Hung Chung, his father Yin Kit Chung, his wife Lai Kit and Uncle Norman. While awaiting to rejoin his parents in Canada, Ricky researched and explored possible trades he could train in. He knew that he wanted to build something with his new life in Canada and his Uncle Norman, a long time restaurant owner in Calgary, had just the thing: noodles.

Ricky trained under several Si Fu's (Masters) at well respected manufacturers in Hong Kong. He always made sure the Sifus had coffee and snacks while he asked about the finer points of noodle making during breaks. Hung's Noodles was finally born in the basement of Uncle Norman's restaurant on McLeod Trail, almost a decade after the seed was planted, in 1983 by Hung (Ricky), his wife and his father. Today the Hung’s Noodles story continues with the third generation of Chung’s. We take pride in the fact that an entire generation of Calgarians and Albertans grew up with our food. Whether it's from that one single chop suey restaurant in that small town they grew up in, the bustling dim sum and seafood restaurant in the heart of Calgary or at the kitchen table with family - it's an honor for us to have grown with Alberta.

Food is love. Food is culture. Food is for sharing. We continue to do what we do because we truly believe that we have a responsibility to contribute our best to the cultural fabric that makes up this mosaic we call Canada.

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