Oh My Okra

Oh My Okra all started with a road trip in February 2016 from Toronto to South Carolina. Lori and David came across an okra stand at a farmers market where the green, vibrant, dried whole okra pieces were displayed, and the owner was handing out samples. With one bite, Lori and David were both hooked. It was at this moment where they both looked at one another and instantly knew what the other was thinking:”This healthy snack would do well in Canada!”

When they first launched Oh My Okra in 2019, their mission was simple: develop wholesome, delicious vegan-friendly snacks that can be enjoyed guilt-free! 

⁠A year later, this crunchy snack is in 250+ stores (and counting) across Canada.  It's plant based and gluten free, no harm to animals, you or me. A wholesome nutritious snack, one bite, will have you coming back!


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