Prairie Snacks

Tasty, all-natural snacks that are 100% fruit! Small batch dried fruit chips gently dehydrated with circulating air and modest heat. No preservatives or sugars added, just friendly natural flavours.

What started as a beverage company with the goal of providing coffee and tea flavored with natural ingredients evolved into a fruit drying and packing operation. Their tea products were a hit, especially the apple cinnamon leaf tea which was made from real apples and cinnamon. However, they discovered that people weren't brewing the apple cinnamon tea to drink, but rather to chew the apple tea cubes as a snack.

This preference gave them incentive to sell dried fruits as a snack. They started with cinnamon apple chips and have since moved on to other dried fruits such as bananas and strawberries. Through all those changes, they still make everything with 100% natural ingredients.

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