I’m Vanessa Rundell, a born and raised Calgarian who first found my passion for cooking at age 3. As my passion evolved and my family couldn’t get me out of the kitchen, I started my journey at 15 as a line cook. One job lead to the next and my skills and passion for this industry continued to grow. At 20 I received my Red Seal Cook Designation and have immersed myself into many Chef positions over the past 10 years. Cooking for me isn’t just about the food, it’s about bringing people together whether it’s high end fine dining, catering, opening restaurants, or the 300+ weddings I’ve prepared.

With 10+ years of experience I’ve finally found my why. Preserved Foods Boutique Inc. was born in November 2018.

Before we got here to what is now called Preserved, it was just an idea. An idea to take the best quality produce I could find and help the farmers show off what they work so hard to grow. An idea of being able to have local produce year round. An idea of how one small business could help another small business and to keep Alberta’s produce on Alberta’s tables.

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