Rice Bowl Deluxe

Rice Bowl Deluxe is a local restaurant with 3 locations in Edmonton. Founded by Nancy, Susan, and Leon, they are seasoned foodies and travelers that enjoyed many memories of dishes from all over Asia. To their dismay, they could not find similar dishes all under one roof. In 2011, they opened their first Pan-Asian restaurant thereby fulfilling their dream of serving their favorite dishes from all over Asia under one roof.

The goal is to serve the finest Asian dishes with fresh and authentic ingredients made with traditional recipes and time-tested methods to ensure customer satisfaction! To guarantee quality, all menu items are made in-house from the preparation and marination of pork, chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables to the made-from-scratch sauces. Furthermore, all meals are prepared by classically trained wok chefs, as the technique and method of cooking is just as important as the recipes and ingredients!

We hope you enjoy your meal as much as we did in preparing it for you!

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