Steve & Dan's Fresh BC Fruit

The story of Steve & Dan's company can be traced back to a little town outside of Lisbon in Portugal. Years ago, Steve and Dan's parents (Alvin and Helena), who lived in the same town in Portugal but immigrated separately to Canada, moved to the same area in British Columbia. Back in Portugal, Alvin, Helena and their families were farmers, so it only seemed fitting to continue farming when they relocated in BC. This was the start of what is now known as Souto Farms. 

Fast forward a generation and Steve and Dan Souto saw a need for fresh, BC fruit in Alberta. Fruit stands were everywhere in BC, but, about 15-20 years ago, farmers' markets were just starting to gain popularity in Alberta. So, they decided to create Steve & Dan's Fresh BC Fruit - a family-owned and operated company dedicated to bringing the fresh fruit grown on Souto Farms, by our parents, to Alberta farmers' markets. 

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