Mini Makers Smoothie Pop

Smoothie Pops Variety Pack

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The Perfect Treat For Everyone!

Hold on to your taste buds because we've got flavours that will make your mouth do a happy dance:

  • 1 x Strawberry Banana: Strawberries, Banana, Vanilla Yogurt.
  • 1 x Blueberry Banana: Blueberries, Banana, Vanilla Yogurt.
  • 1 x Berrylicious Banana: Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Banana, Vanilla Yogurt.



Say hello to the newest stars at Uproot: Mini Makers Smoothie Pops! 

Ever wondered what happens when you mix the Uproot founders' kiddos with a dash of entrepreneurial spirit? Well, wonder no more! These mini entrepreneurs have been soaking up the vibes at farmers' markets and trade shows, watching their folks sell mouthwatering dumplings and pies. It didn't take long for their little lightbulbs to start glowing!

Why Smoothie Pops, You Ask?

So, here's the scoop: Mom's been whipping up these super-yummy smoothie pops at home, and they're a hit with everyone – even the pickiest eaters! The Mini Makers had a brilliant idea: "Let's take these yummy pops to the market!" And guess what? They did!

Mini Makers Smoothie Pops: The Scoop

These aren't just your regular frozen treats. These smoothie pops are crafted with heaps of love and the freshest, juiciest ingredients by our tiny entrepreneurs. Each pop is like a burst of fruity fireworks in your mouth, loaded with all the good stuff to keep you smiling.

Where to Snag Mini Makers Smoothie Pops

Starting right now, you can order online or swing by Uproot Food Store to grab your Mini Makers Smoothie Pop fix. Let's show some love to our budding entrepreneurs and taste the Mini Makers magic for ourselves!