Rosso Coffee Roasters

Rosso began as a single cafe location in Calgary AB in 2007 where founder Dave started as the barista, baker, and the bookkeeper. Fast forward several years later and Rosso grew into having multiple cafe locations and roasting its own coffee beans. Today, Rosso has 5 of its own cafes, North American leading roasting & quality control technology, and supplies a network of partner retailers, cafes, and restaurants across Canada.

Rosso Coffee Roasters offers direct trade coffee sourced from quality minded micro-lot producers around the world. Rosso has strict quality standards and only sources coffees that score at least 85 points. Rosso has a team of award winning coffee professionals who have competed at multiple events at the international and world level as well as won multiple Canadian national competitions. Rosso's packaging is made from environmentally friendly & renewable materials. Rosso makes high quality, specialty coffee approachable by guiding their customers on a coffee journey through easy to interpret tasting notes, coffee profiles, and an online video (youtube) and blog series. Rosso is also a proud Certified B-Corporation and has been founder led since its first cafe opened in 2007.

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