Celebrate Women's Day

Mar 08, 2022Ray Ma

Celebrate Women's Day

In celebration of International Women's Day, we partnered with 5 local female-led food brands to offer you 20% off on all of their amazing products. These leaders are visionaries, creatives, entrepreneurs and influential businesswomen.

Thank you for supporting small, local businesses, and especially those that are led by women, as we celebrate International Women’s Day!

Offer ends March 15, 2022. While quantities last.

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Amy Quon

The Lingnan

Q: Amy’s Dry Spicy Chicken has been our top seller since we first launched it in September 2020. How did it become a frozen product? How has the journey been?

A: Dry Spicy Chicken as a frozen product starts with Uproot. We always have customers that love Dry Spicy Chicken so much they order multiple orders and freeze them for later, so we knew it was freezer stable. At first when Uproot came to us with the idea of having us as a partner we were hesitated but with the support of Ray, Chris and Jamie we went ahead. We love hearing our customers being able to have Dry Spicy Chicken anytime they want, I myself have a few bags in my own freezer just incase we have guest at the house. It's always a crowd pleaser. The journey has been exciting for us, we look forward on continuing our relationship with Uproot and sharing Dry Spicy Chicken with everyone.

Q: Do you have any advice for women entrepreneurs in the food industry?

A: My only advice is to be who you are unapologetically. Authenticity is something that never goes out of style.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to our Uproot customers?

A: I would like to thank all our lovely customers that support our local small family business and to see the overwhelming love for Dry Spicy Chicken warms my heart. Please support small business like Uproot they are the catalyst for success for so many businesses, its been a joy to work with them.

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Ray Ma

Honest Dumplings

"If I knew how hard it was to build a food company, I would never have started it. But every time I reflect on everything I've been through with my partners, I wouldn't want to have done anything different. This roller coaster ride has taught me to be confident, empathetic, and resilient. I'm lucky to have the best partners who always have my back and believe in what we do."

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Nicola Irving

Irving's Farm Fresh

"I believe that Women tend to be more empathetic, especially when it comes to dealing with employees. Empathy, appreciation and understanding are all important in an employee – employer relationship. My advice for women entrepreneurs would be to hold your head high and keep pushing forward, no matter how many setbacks you may have. Be assertive, and ignore anyone that has bias towards you based on your gender. International Women's Day is a chance to reflect, and to raise awareness of the positive roles of women in society."

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Kathy Leskow

Confetti Sweets

"I am blessed to be a woman in business. There are so many supports and programs for us that our male counterparts don't have access to. My advice for women entrepreneurs is sometimes growing a business may take us a bit longer while juggling everything else on our plate, but with patience and persistence success will come. International Women's Day is a day to celebrate our successes, and take pride in what we have all accomplished."

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Anne Ton

PhoEver Noodles & Grill

"Uproot is our first store outside of our restaurant and we are excited to bring our quality broths across Alberta through Uproot. Our hassle-free frozen broths is made with our family's 25-year-old recipe so you can skip the time-consuming slow cooking process and enjoy the restaurant-quality deliciousness within minutes!"

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